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Kenya, Zambia agree on trade relations

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Kenya and Zambia have concluded the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC) negotiations that will see the two countries increase volumes of trade between them.

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The two countries are planning to open trade barriers that will see specific goods from Zambia access Kenyan market and vice versa.

At the moment the trade between Kenya and Zambia stands $70million worth of exports in Zambia and about $50million exports into Kenya.

Other areas of cooperation will include security, energy sector, tourism and sports.

On security the two countries have agreed to enhance their joint efforts of safeguarding security, common values and other fundamental interest of the continent including the fight against piracy, money laundering as well as human and drug trafficking.

On matters of energy, the two countries are looking at sharing experiences in the field of renewable energy generation, energy technologies such as geothermal power stations, hydro-power stations, biofuel as well as solar.

The tourism sector was also identified as an area with enormous potential for cooperation. In this regard the two countries have proposed that consultations at sectoral level be held to identify areas of cooperation.

The two countries also agreed on the collaborations in the area of sports and development particularly with regard to exchange of coaches, sports administrators and the training of athletes.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will be visiting Zambia in July for further discussions on how to implement some of the agreements.

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