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Kremlin: Russia ready to disconnect from internet

Christian Fernsby |
Russia is legally and technically ready to disconnect from the global Internet, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

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According to Medvedev, although it will "not be easy" and "would not be very desirable", technologically "everything is ready" for it and "at the legislative level, too, all decisions are made."

The U.S, obviously, has "the key rights of control", but "the management of the whole country, huge number of social functions," depend on the Internet, Medvedev said.

He added that, as in the case of the SWIFT system, for which the Russian Central Bank developed an alternative financial messaging platform, Russia could not leave its segment of the Internet without control and passed a law so that this segment could be managed autonomously.

So far, all social networks continue to work in Russia. But if they "behave in an unfriendly way, if they do not want to publish Russian information, if they take some obviously unfriendly position towards the country, then we have a way to influence them," Medvedev said.

"A number of steps may be taken at a certain time [against social networks], including such measures as slowing down internet traffic or completely blocking their work," he said. Medvedev added that complete blocking is "very tough and radical" but the slowdown in traffic is a "potentially working measure".

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