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Kremlin spokesman has no idea how much France paid Russia for Mistral ships

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Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has acknowledged he has no idea how much France has agreed to pay Russia for its failure to deliver two helicopter-carrying amphibious assault ships of the Mistral class.

"I won’t say anything about the sum. I have no such information. That’s substantive, commercial information," he told the media.

Asked if France had already transferred the money for the undelivered ships Peskov advised the journalists to read again the statement the Kremlin’s press-service issued Wednesday evening.

France has already transferred the aforesaid money and after the return of the equipment it will acquire property rights and will be able to use both ships at its sole discretion, the statement said.

Peskov declined to comment in what way the money regained from France would be used.

"I cannot say anything at this point. Certainly, the country’s leadership will make a special decision on that score," he said.

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