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Kremlin: U.S. sanctions against institute working on coronavirus drug 'theatre of absurd'

Christian Fernsby |
The United States' latest round of restrictions on Russian research institutes on the grounds that they develop chemical and biological weapons are nonsensical, running on the US' addiction to sanctions and unfair competition, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

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"This is a continuation of the sort of an addiction to sanctions. Some kind of a Theatre of the Absurd of sanctions.

"We, of course, categorically reject any statements alleging some of our organisations of involvement or participation in the development of chemical and bacteriological weapons this is absolute nonsense.

"And given the research aspirations of one of these institutes, as you correctly noted, we cannot rule out that this is another example of an overt, unbridled and unfair competition", Peskov told journalists.

The United States imposed sanctions on five Russian institutes, accusing them of developing chemical and biological weapons.

The list of the institutes includes the 48th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Defence Ministry, which has developed the first COVID-19 vaccine together with the Gamaleya Research Institute.

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