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Liberia to get $27 million from World Bank for affordable electricity

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The World Bank approved a new financing agreement of $27 million to increase access to affordable and reliable electricity and to foster the use of renewable energy sources in Liberia.

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This agreement comprises of $25 million grant from the Strategic Climate Fund Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program and $2 million International Development Association (IDA) credit.

The Liberia Renewable Energy Access Project (LIRENAP) seeks to establish a mini hydropower plant to benefit about 50,000 people, as well as small businesses, associations and public institutions in Lofa County through connections to the mini-hydro electric grid.

The project would also benefit additional 100,000 people nationwide who would gain access to stand-alone solar systems and lanterns.

Expansion of electricity access would be critical to expand access to electricity services in remote areas that are not likely to be connected to the national grid in the foreseeable future, and to promote nationwide use of renewable sources of energy away from more expensive imported fuel.

The LIRENAP would also contribute to the Liberian Government’s efforts to rebuild the economy after the Ebola outbreak since the project’s area of major intervention will be in Lofa County that was harshly affected by the epidemic.

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