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Lukashenko: Belarus negotiating oil supplies from U.S.

Christian Fernsby |
The search for alternative oil supplies is "not a bluff" and not a way to raise the stakes before negotiations with Russia, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, as quoted by BelTA.

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According to Lukashenko, in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he outlined a picture of how Belarus will act if the Russian side does not change its position. The Belarusian leader listed options for alternative oil supply to the country. According to him, it is the supply of Norwegian oil through Baltic ports, the route from Gdansk using one of the lines of the Druzhba oil pipeline and deliveries through Ukraine from the Black Sea.

Lukashenko called oil from Russia "the fourth option." "We are not giving up this oil. But in this way, there will be diversification of supplies," he said.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus has already started testing new routes to see "what will actually happen" and what the losses will be. Lukashenko added that Belarus also looking into the oil supplies from the United States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He noted that these countries are ready to supply oil at the "market price", but their quality of oil is better.

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