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Malaysia doesn't plan to ban Facebook

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It is impossible to register all Facebook users with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Communication and Multimedia Minister Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said.

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Mr. Cheek said said the reaction to his statement had revealed an astonishing low level of understanding of the nature of Facebook among many people, including those who professed to be experts in the field.

"The majority who responded to this said we should not ban Facebook while some have said otherwise. But what I have found out is that there is a very low level or virtually no understanding of the nature of Facebook and the Internet among the people and even among some IT experts."

Mr. Cheek said some had suggested that instead of banning the social media site, it should be controlled, its users registered with the ministry and certain accounts be blocked.

"Amazingly, this showed that they do not understand that no one has the capacity to block certain things from Facebook or even register its users. One can register an account on Facebook virtually anywhere. It is not just difficult but impossible to do this."

"We have no intention of actually banning Facebook. That is the China model, which is really backward," he said.

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