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Manitoba government supports trans-pacific partnership

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Manitoba’s new government seeks the unanimous support of the Manitoba legislature for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Enterprise and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen said.

“Canada’s ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is critical not only for the agreement’s ability to expand opportunities to trade outside our borders, but also for the necessary protection of thousands of Manitoba jobs,” said Cullen.

“Inclusion in the TPP would mean an increase of approximately $250 million per year in sales for Manitoba exporters, while exclusion would close our province’s access to critical trade markets, putting Manitoba jobs at risk.”

The TPP represents a market of 800 million people with a combined gross domestic product of $28 trillion – about 40 percent of the world’s economy. Between 2012 and 2014, Manitoba exported an average of $9.3 billion annually to TPP countries.

“A strong and united Manitoba legislative assembly would send a powerful signal that our province is ready, willing and able to trade with the world,” added Cullen. “We call on every member to stand up today and to vote in favour of protecting Manitoba jobs.”

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