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Mariano Rajoy says growth, job creation needed to preserve Welfare State

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Mariano Rajoy, the the Prime Minister of Spain, visited the installations of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, which he described as a "flagship for healthcare in Spain".

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"Valdecilla is much more than a magnificent hospital. Valdecilla is pride, tradition and, to a certain extent, a hallmark of Santander and Cantabria. It is a Cantabrian hospital for all Spaniards", he added.

The President of the Government recalled that the Council of Ministers authorised the issue of a grant on Friday amounting to 28 million euros to finance investments at the hospital.

"With these funds, he said, the Government of Spain will have allocated 57 million euros to the centre. "Valdecilla is a benchmark, has been treated as such and will continue to be treated as such in the future", he said.

Rajoy expressed gratitude to the people of Spain for having understood the decisions taken by all governments, "regardless of their political affiliation", during an "extremely difficult" period for Spain.

At this difficult time, he said, "we have managed to preserve what matters most, the fundamental pillars of the welfare system: public pensions, public healthcare, education and all social services".

The President of the Government believes that "economic growth, economic activity and job creation" are required to continue preserving the system in the future.

For that reason, he added, "I have been saying for three years, and will continue to say in the future, that the main priority for this legislature and indeed the next can be nothing other than job creation".

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