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Medvedev invites US to imagine Venezuelan-style change of president in Washington

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has called for imagining a situation where the US president might facing regime change like the one that is now unfolding in Venezuela.

On his Facebook page, Medvedev pondered what the American people might think of such a scenario on their own soil, TASS reported.

"Just imagine for a moment how the American people would react to the news the budget crisis (shutdown) has produced a situation in which, say, the speaker of the House of Representatives has declared himself a new president," he speculated. "And how would the existing US president react?"

"When such things happen in other countries, though, they are not seen as something extraordinary. Nobody cares about the rules of decency, international law, others’ sovereignty and, what is still more important, about people’s lives," Medvedev said.

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