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Medvedev orders to prepare anti-U.S. sanctions like EU and China

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Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the Russian Economy Ministry to prepare an answer to “openly discriminative” steel and aluminum duties introduced by the United States, noting that Europe and China had already made their moves, RT reports.

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Speaking at the Wednesday government session dedicated to international trade issues, Medvedev stated that the restrictions introduced by Washington “cannot be left unanswered.”

“The European Union and the People’s Republic of China have already taken reciprocal steps. We should start thinking about our reciprocal measures, I am asking the Economy Ministry to prepare the necessary proposals,” he said.

Medvedev also told Russian ministers that as western nations maintained their anti-Russian sanctions, Moscow would consider the extension of its reciprocal measures into 2019.

At the same time he added that Russia was not questioning its membership in the World Trade Organization and told the officials to make the most of the WTO legal tools to tackle with the sanctions problem.

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