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Merkel expects talks with new U.S. administration about future of Nord Stream 2

Christian Fernsby |
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday she wants to talk to United States President Joe Biden's administration about the German-Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline project that faces U.S. sanctions.

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At a press conference, Merkel said that some transatlantic dispute, among them the Nord Stream 2 project, are still to be settled with the new U.S. administration.

She said that Germany and the U.S. should "put everything on the table" and clarify the extent to which Washington can accept the project.

Such debates, she said, would now take place "on a broader foundation of shared convictions." There is "just a broader space for political agreement with President Biden."

Merkel also welcomed the decrees that Biden had signed immediately after taking office and that it was once again possible to work together with the United States at the World Health Organization (WHO) and on the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Merkel said that "we can't now just count on political agreement" with Biden's administration, as there will also be discussions about "how we do things well for both countries."

"Europe will have to take on more responsibility," said Merkel, "not only militarily but also in the diplomatic arena and many other areas. We in Germany are ready for this and the European Union is also ready for this."

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