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Merkel says Turkey should not become EU member

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said night that Turkey should not become a number of the European Union (EU), but declined to close the door for Ankara.

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"I don't see Turkey entering the European Union, I never did, it was different for the SPD however," said Merkel in the TV duel with her major election rival Martin Schulz of the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Merkel argued that the cease of the accession talks with Turkey can only be decided in the concert of the EU states.

"Such a step must be well considered," said the German chancellor.

Merkel said she did not want to break Germany's ties with Turkey or cease Turkey's opportunity to join the EU, as at least 50 percent Turkish people hope to join. The decision needs careful consideration.

Schulz said at the TV duel that if he becomes German Chancellor, he will stop accession talks with Turkey.

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