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Merkel urges U.S. to cooperate with rest of world

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the United States to stick to multilateral cooperation, saying a trend towards protectionism was a risk to prosperity.

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Speaking after a meeting of senior members of her centre-right CDU party in the western German town of Perl-Nennig, Merkel said all countries were better off if they worked together instead of isolating themselves.

A good example was the international response after the global financial crisis that started in the United States in 2008, Merkel said.

"The response to the financial crisis was not a response that was based on isolation, but a response that was based on cooperation, on common rules of regulation, including the financial markets," Merkel said.

Asked when she would meet U.S. President-elect Donald for the first time, Merkel said a meeting was possible during a summit of the Group of Seven leading economic powers, which takes place in Sicily in May, and the G20 summit that Germany is hosting in July.

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