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Mexican senate to discuss migration deal with US says minister

Christian Fernsby |
Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported on Monday that if in 45 days when migratory agreements with the United States are assessed, the outcomes turn out negative, the issue will go to the Senate as it is no longer the executive''s responsibility.

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In the morning press conference of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, one of the most anticipated and complicated since he started these press meetings, he admitted that the last one was a very difficult week for Mexico because of the threat of imposing tariffs on punishment by Donald Trump´s Government.

The President gave the floor to Ebrard, who insisted that the good thing that happened is the commercial relationship returned to normal after being subjected to a virtual ultimatum.

Ebrard explained that if unilateral tariffs were applied they would have moved away from the signing of the trilateral treaty and closer to a commercial war, the planned investments would have been affected, and the economy would have had to readjust to the new context with losses of 1, 200,000 jobs and a sudden fall of growth.

He added that the migration issue is came apart from the economic and commercial issue. They are not together anymore. In immigration matters, we try to show what we propose is better than other alternatives.

The most important thing was the support of the people in Mexico and we asserted ourselves because the results are favorable. We will not pay a VAT of 25 percent per day for others, if we fail, the secretary assured.

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