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Milk quotas in Latvia likely to be exceeded 1%

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Milk quotas are likely to reac 101% in the year 2015, which could cost Latvia more than 2 million euros, Deputy Director of the Latvian Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council, Erna Galvanovska said, cites LETA.

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"We previously expected that the quota excess could reach 103%, however, current calculations are slightly lower - 101%. Thus, the fine could amount to more than 2 million euros. This 1% will concern those producers who have exceeded their quotas," Galvanovska said.

She also indicated that several dairy farms are currently trying to reduce fat content in milk in order to avoid exceeding milk quotas. However, if the limit is exceeded, there will be problems.

"We could face a fine for deliberately reducing fat content in milk. Dairy farms ought to consider this. The minimum fat content is 2%, maximum – 7%," Galvanovska indicated.

The European Union will abolish its dairy quotas system on April 1, 2015.

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