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More kids benefiting from Fruit in Schools in New Zealand

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Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says this year’s expansion of the Fruit in Schools programme is seeing a record volume of fresh produce delivered to 547 schools across the country, benefitting more than 100,000 students.

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"Healthy eating helps fuel the body and the brain, that’s why the Fruit in Schools programme is so beneficial to students," says Coleman.

“Fruit in Schools complements the Childhood Obesity Plan. New Zealand is one of the first OECD countries to have a target and a comprehensive plan to tackle childhood obesity.”

Following the Ministry of Education’s decile funding changes, all existing schools have remained in the Fruit in Schools programme, with an additional 77 others eligible to participate.

As a result, a total of 547 schools will benefit from the programme this year, covering around 102,870 students. So far this year over 11 million pieces of produced have been served up to kids in schools across the country.

Schools receive high quality seasonal fruit and vegetables, and they sample up to 24 different types of fruit or vegetable during the year.

Feedback from school principals taking part in the programme has been overwhelming positive.

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