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Most Mexican companies without firing employees over coroanvirus

Christian Fernsby |
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador informed on Monday that 87% of companies continue working without firing employees due to the coronavirus and the economic crisis.

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During his morning press briefing at the National Palace, the president said he is satisfied with those results because most of firms and businesses are complying with the measures and urged those who still do not do so to imitate these solidarity entrepreneurs.

Obrador also hopes that in these days when the epidemic will reach its peak in infections and hospitalization, they catch up and obey the measures that are adopted for the good of the people, the nation, and even themselves.

He warned that, although the adoption of labor measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic are voluntary, if 13% of those who do not comply with the measures continue to do so, they will be mentioned during the press briefing in a week as Secretary of Labor Luisa Maria Alcalde already did today.

These are not coercive measures, but rather conscience, and for this reason there is no need to enact curfews or use force so that everyone comply with the measures, Obrador said.

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