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Naval trade blockade would mean war, says Moscow

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Attempts to use the U.S. Navy to block Russia’s trade would amount to a declaration of war, a high-ranking senator commented on the U.S. internal secretary’s idea of impeding Russia’s energy trade through a blockade.

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“A U.S .blockade of Russia would be equal to a declaration of war under international law,” said the head of the Russian Senate’s Information Policy Committee, Aleksey Pushkov, commenting on a report that U.S. Internal Secretary Ryan Zinke suggested the U.S. could use the navy to block Russian energy from hitting Middle East markets.

Pushkov also called Zinke’s claim that trade expansion is the real reason behind Russia’s involvement in Syria “absolute nonsense.”

The very idea that Russia could potentially supply energy to the Middle East, which is literally “oozing with oil,” is absolutely detached from reality, Pushkov said. Indeed, Russia does not supply any energy to the region, which is itself a major oil exporter, and has never announced plans to do so.

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