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Nearly $1.2 million recovered for consumers in Empire State

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that nearly $1.2 million was returned to consumers in 2014 due to the work of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Vehicle Safety Division.

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This is a unit tasked with investigating consumer complaints and regulating businesses statewide. The division investigates more than 3,700 wide-ranging consumer complaints each year, including issues involving vehicle dealers or repair shops accused of selling vehicles in poor condition, failing to register vehicles, committing inspection fraud, and making faulty repairs.

"These unscrupulous business practices rob New Yorkers of their hard earned money, not to mention causing potential safety hazards that put many others at risk," Governor Cuomo said.

"Our message is simple: If you prey on your customers, you will be caught and you will be held accountable."

When customers make a complaint about a business, the DMV first tries to resolve the problem by discussing it with the customer and the business.

About half of all complaints are resolved directly with consumers having vehicles repaired, getting refunds on faulty repairs, or with dealers buying vehicles back.

However, if the problem isn’t fixed a DMV inspector further investigates the complaint. If it is found that a dealer or shop violated laws and regulations, DMV can suspend or revoke vehicle registrations and impose fines.

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