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Netherlands to help protect Bangladesh against flooding

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Two Dutch ministers signed an agreement with the Bangladesh government and the World Bank Group to help protect the country against flooding.

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The agreement also covers the provision of drinking water, sanitation, land reclamation and port development.

About 80% of Banglashesh is located on the flood plain of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, and it regularly suffers devastating inundations: those in 1988, 1998 and 2004 covered more than two-thirds of the country.

The collaboration will be part of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, which aims to come up with a solution to the problem of flooding while preserving the delta’s biodiversity and contributing to the country’s aim of becoming a mid-income country by 2021.

Over the past decades, the Bangladesh government has invested more than $10bn to make the country less vulnerable to floods. River dykes have been strengthened, emergency shelters have been constructed for protection from cyclones and warning systems have been set up.

These efforts have significantly reduced the number of casualties as well as damage to the living environment.

The Bangladesh Delta Plan will be a partnership between the Bangladesh government, the Netherlands and the World Bank Group.

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