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New council to control fruit flies in Australia

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A new council has been formed to work with growers and fruit fly management community groups across all states and territories in Australia to control fruit fly on a national scale.

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The announcement was made jointly by Plant Health Australia (PHA), the national coordinators of the industry-government plant biosecurity partnership in Australia, and Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation), one of the major funding contributors.

The board of Hort Innovation approved funding for the three year commitment, supplementing funds contributed by the Australian Government and state and territory governments, which has allowed the joint industry-government council to go ahead.

Greg Fraser, Executive Director and CEO of PHA said that the national partnership to tackle fruit flies is a significant step forward for Australian producers and exporters.

The new funding secured from Hort Innovation and state and territory governments will enable a full time national manager of fruit flies to be appointed to drive the Council’s agenda. This role will have strong links to the two new national positions established by Hort Innovation, the SITplus Program Director and the Qfly Area-Wide Management Coordinator.

These three national resources will coordinate activities to ensure messages are delivered to all stakeholder groups.

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