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New exports for Virginia lumber companies

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Governor Terry McAuliffe announced new Virginia lumber export sales to the United Kingdom (UK) during a trade and marketing mission to Europe.

The sales were struck between several Virginia forest products companies and two UK importers, both introduced to Virginia wood products by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) Office of International Marketing.

The Virginia companies met James Latham Ltd., one of the oldest distributors of timber and panel products in the UK, and Brooks Bros Ltd., a major UK wood products importer, during separate visits to Virginia, hosted by VDACS.

Lathams’ June visit to meet with Virginia suppliers was part of an effort, started in 2016 by VDACS, to develop a Virginia yellow poplar program with a UK importer.

The company now regularly sources the product from several Virginia companies, including Robert S. Coleman Lumber Company in Culpeper, Lathams newest supplier, and one of the companies on the June visit to Virginia.

As a result of VDACS's efforts and the strong relationship formed with Lathams, the company has now begun sourcing an additional product from Virginia, white oak hardwood lumber.

Since visiting Virginia for the first time in June 2016, Lathams has purchased over $2 million of Virginia lumber. â–