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New public wages in Romania: 3,358 euros for president, 774 euros for doctor

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The Romanian President will have the highest gross salary in the public system, RON 15,000 (3,358 euros) per month, according to the draft of the new public wage law cited by local

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The presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, and the Prime Minister will get gross salaries of 3,068 euros. The

MPs will earn over EUR 2,200 whereas ministers will receive 2,700 euros. Bucharest’s mayor will also get 2,700 euros. Mayors will earn between 718 euros and 1,359 euros, depending on the number of inhabitants in their cities.

As for the salaries in education, a university teacher with 25 years of experience will have a base salary of almost 1,200 euros.

The salary of a primary doctor will start from 774 euros and will reach 964 euros. A primary emergency doctor could earn up to 1,078 euros per month. â– 

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