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New regulations to prevent contamination from solid waste in Empire State

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced proposed revisions to the state’s solid waste regulations to increase protections for public health, safety, natural resources and the environment.

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The proposed changes include measures to regulate previously unregulated facilities, activities, and waste streams within the state’s existing solid waste management program.

The proposed revisions also streamline and reduce regulatory burdens for entities while maintaining environmental protections.

"Ensuring safe water supplies is critically important,” said Governor Cuomo.

“These new regulations will help reduce contamination threats while safeguarding natural resources so that we can ensure a healthier and safer environment for communities all across this state.”

The revisions proposed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation include measures to improve the state’s regulations over facilities that handle solid waste, including facilities that manage recyclable materials, waste transfer stations, landfills and biohazard waste facilities, among others.

In addition, previously unregulated facilities, including mulch processing facilities will now be regulated. The regulations will also increase oversight of construction and demolition debris and historic fill, reducing the potential threat of these waste streams to water quality and the environment on Long Island and throughout the state.

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