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New Zealand, U.S. file disputes with WTO against Indonesia

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New Zealand and the United States notified the WTO Secretariat of a request for consultations with Indonesia concerning measures imposed by Indonesia on the importation of horticultural products, animals and animal products into the country.

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According to New Zealand and the United States, Indonesia imposes prohibitions or restrictions on imports of horticultural products, animal and animal products; imposes unjustified and trade-restrictive non-automatic import licensing requirements on imports of such products; accords less favourable treatment to imported products than to like products of national origin; has imposed unreasonable and discriminatory pre-shipment inspection requirements; and has failed to notify and publish sufficient information concerning its import licensing measures.

New Zealand and the United States claim that these measures are inconsistent with Indonesia’s obligations under the GATT 1994, the Agreement on Agriculture, the Agreement on Import Licensing procedures and the Agreement on Pre-shipment Inspection.

New Zealand and the United States propose to Indonesia that consultations be held jointly.

New Zealand and the United States already requested consultations with Indonesia last year over similar issues. In New Zealand’s dispute (DS466) no dispute panel was established and no withdrawal or mutually agreed solution was notified. In the case of the previous United States’ dispute (DS455) the panel was established but no action was taken after that. Some of the measures that originated the complaints appear to be still in place.

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