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Norway security forces: Apple won't fly over Oslo

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Norway's National Security Authority won't allow Apple to take 3D images of Oslo over fears for national security. The country's intelligence operations building is located in Oslo.

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National Security Authority director Oyvind Mandt told Aftenposten that he is concerned Apple will reveal sensitive security features associated with critical buildings in the city. A 3D map could also show weaknesses in the country's safety measures.

According to Aftenposten, the United States Embassy is interceding for Apple in an attempt to get the area mapped. The U.S. embassy seems to have Oslo mayor Fabian Stang on its side. Mr. Stang has said that the 3D mapping might is "very exciting" and might be good for tourism.

Apple released its Maps App in iOS 6 last year with many bugs in 3D renderings that left bridges falling into waters and highways suddenly becoming cliffs. The company purchased 3D imaging company C3 Technologies to help create the app and C3 Technologies had previously imaged Oslo. However, Apple may not be allowed to use this data due to a change in policy or data protections since C3 grabbed the images.

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