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Number of immigrants in Germany almost doubled

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German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees admits error in estimating number of refugees.

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The president of German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Manfred Schmidt admitted in an interview that errors had been made in assessment of refugee influx into Germany.

"We have begun too late, seen the sign too late. At the beginning of the year, no one had expected such figures," said Schmidt in the interview with local media Bavarian Radio published on Sunday.

According to Schmidt, 30,000 refugees from Kosovo, 30,000 from Albania and 15,000 from Serbia crowded into Germany within a few weeks, which means that there are far more refugees from this region than from Syria.

Schmidt said that there have been already 650 new colleagues enlisted to deal with the issue in the past twelve month, and another 1,000 employees will be hired by the Nuremberg-based federal office until December.

Earlier this month, German federal government raised its estimated number of refugees from 450,000 to 800,000, which is far more than the previous record of about 440,000 registered asylum applications in 1992.

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