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OECD: Brazil must invest in infrastructure

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According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Brazil needs to solve structural shortcomings such as uneven access to quality education and infrastructural issues in order to create jobs and achieve a balanced social protection network.

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The 2014 Going for Growth report was presented by the OECD in Sydney, Australia. Although Brazil is not an OECD member country, the Paris-based organization conducts analyses of the country's economy.

One of the OECD's recommendations is for Brazil to improve access to education by increasing teachers' wages, increasing the reach of professional training programs, and offering performance-based rewards to teachers. "In the case of Brazil, educational reforms will help reduce inequality," the report reads.

The National Technical Education and Employment Access Program (Pronatec) is singled out in the report as a noteworthy action, boasting a teaching system designed to expand the federal technical school network and provide free training to low-income youths.

The OECD also advises on economic actions, such as increasing private investment in infrastructure, removing obstacles to competition, minimizing tax system distortions, and encouraging formal labour.

The report highlights the fact that the government has simplified the procedures leading up to public works, and cites the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), stating that the plan is at an implementation phase, but a lot remains to be done as pertains to investment in infrastructure.

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