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Ontario announces halt to beer tax hike

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Ontario's Government for the People is taking action to prevent an immediate increase in beer prices by stepping in to halt a scheduled tax hike put in place by the previous government.

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By taking this step, Premier Doug Ford, along with Vic Fedeli, Minister of Finance, will leave more money in the pockets of Ontario beer fans.

The tax increase scheduled by the previous government would have raised Ontario's basic beer tax by three cents per litre on November 1.

"This tax hike is a cash grab from the hardworking people of Ontario, pure and simple," said Ford. "We are putting a stop to it so Ontario beer drinkers can keep more of their hard-earned money."

Beer prices have gone up on November 1 every year for the last three years. The proposed changes would lock in basic tax rates for beer at their current levels.

"Every year, taxes have kept going up to fuel out-of-control government spending while making life more and more unaffordable for Ontario families," said Ford. "We are bringing relief by putting a stop to this tax hike. Our government respects the taxpayer."

The government's plan to stop the previous government's beer basic tax hike is part of its plan to save money for consumers, reduce red tape and put people first.

"This is the latest move by our government to make life more affordable for hardworking individuals and families," said Fedeli. "We eliminated cap-and-trade, which is resulting in lower prices at the pump. We rolled back increases for drivers' licence renewal fees. We cancelled expensive wind and solar power projects in order to bring down hydro rates, we have introduced 'Buck-a-Beer' and now we are lowering taxes on beer."

The government will continue to review Ontario's approach to how beer is sold in the province, and look at ways to provide more choice and access to consumers, including expanding the sale of beer and wine to corner stores and box stores.

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