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Orban wants to make Budapest one of best capitals of Europe

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Saturday plans to make Budapest one of the best capitals of Europe by 2030.

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"Today, Budapest is at the gates of enormous developments, and the next decade will be the most successful of the city's history ever," Orban said at a press event with Mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos held on the occasion of Capital's Day.

The Capital's Day commemorates the birth of modern Budapest, created 145 years ago by the joining of Buda, Pest and Obuda.

"By 2030, Budapest could be one of the most vibrant and viable cities in Europe, the continent's safest capital city with a high quality of life," Orban said.

He added: "The city administration and the government would need well-organized, hard, joint work, and that was why we established the Council of Municipal Development, in agreement with the Mayor Istvan Tarlos."

The reconstruction of the City Park, the Opera House, the Museum of Applied Arts and the refurbishment of metro line 3 are the presently ongoing major projects.

"In addition, the Council of Municipal Development will soon have to decide on the new National Pentathlon Center, on the restoration of the historic buildings of the Buda Castle," Orban told. "The construction of a new South-Buda central hospital will also begin in the near future."

"We are thinking in projects worth thousands of billions of forints over a decade-long period," Orban concluded.

At the press event, Orban and Tarlos also signed a cooperation agreement between the government and the city of Budapest, assuring the funds necessary for the completion of the projects.

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