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Peru expects draft for Paris agreement

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The Environment Minister of Peru, Javier Pulgar-Vidal, expects to see countries deliver a draft to draft an international treaty to tackle climate change in Paris by the time they leave Peru after the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP).

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But before that can happen, the Peruvian minister said, four main issues must be addressed: how rich and poor countries plan to divide responsibility for cutting emissions; how countries will prove they are making the carbon cuts they have promised to make; whether the final agreement should be internationally legally binding; and how to ensure that poor countries get the money they need to adapt to climate change and develop low-carbon energy systems.

"We know that probably the New York summit is not going to be the place or the room where we are going to deeply discuss these things, but we hope we can hear the heads of governments saying that they will have this discussion from here to December, and after December to Paris," Mr. Pulgar-Vidal said.

Pulgar-Vidal insisted on staying neutral on some key issues, like whether the agreement should be a full-on treaty or something more voluntary. The United States is pushing for an agreement that will not require Senate ratification, while the European Union is expected to demand a traditional legally binding protocol.

"I think the world knows that nobody is going to accept to fail as Copenhagen failed some years ago. We know based on what climate change is facing to us and what the science is saying to us that we are going to find a way to deal with the challenge, to have an agreement by the end of next year."

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