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Peru: Why didn't Chile study avocado from California?

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The University of Chile presented the results of a study requested by the Chilean Hass Avocado Committee.

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In the study they found that 3 out of 24 Peruvian avocados were contaminated by the sunblotch viroid.

A result that, according to the president of the Chilean committee, Gonzalo Bulnes, would bring down the Chilean industry.

Arturo Medina, general manager of the Peruvian of Hass Avocado Producers Association, noted that the study only confirmed a fact that was already known. "I'm not surprised, it was logical that they were going to do the study, but we never said we weren't affected by the sunblotch. So all they have done is reaffirm what we said.

"However, I'm curious as to why my friends from the Chilean Avocado Committee didn't perform the same study on the 180 containers of avocado from California last year that also have the sunblotch viroid."

Thus, Medina expressed his concern about the attitude being taken on the entry of Peruvian avocado to Chile, when Peru isn't the only source affected by the sunblotch.

"That's what bothers me and, since they have been very diligent and very transparent in analysing Peruvian avocado, I hope they'll take the initiative of doing the same with the Chilean avocado to see if they are also affected by the sunblotch, so that they won't blame it on the Peruvian avocado."

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