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PM: Hungary is not immigrant country and will not be

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Your interpretation of the principle of solidarity is not in accordance with European Union legislation, or with Hungarian historic traditions, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán wrote in his letter of reply to President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

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"First of all, I am pleased to note that you also recognise Hungary’s efforts in border protection. In the past two years Hungary has defended our common borders by mobilising budget resources, but building a protective fence, and by placing thousands lf border-hunters into active duty," Orbán wrote.

He was reiterating the standpoint he put forward at the summit of European heads of state and government, according to which Hungary should always behave as a country where there are Schengen borders, but for geographic reasons, migrants can only enter the country if they have crossed the borders of the EU in other member states; mainly in Greece.

“For this reason, Hungary has not taken part and does not want to take part in projects that do not make this issue evident, Mr. Orbán underlined.

"On behalf of the Hungarian Government, I would like to make it clear that in or opinion your interpretation of the principle of solidarity is not in accordance with European Union legislation, and it is not in accordance with Hungarian historic traditions either, the Prime Minister continued, pointing out that in contrast to some of the major member states of the European Union, Hungary does not have a colonial past.

"These major member states have become immigrant countries due to the obligations stemming from their colonial legacy.

"Hungary on the other hand is not an immigrant country, does not want to be an immigrant country, and cannot accept being forced to change this.

"The interpretation of the principle of solidarity described in your letter is in essence the transformation of Hungary into an immigrant country, against the will of Hungarian citizens.

"In my view this is not solidarity, it is violence," the letter states.

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