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Poland backs EU fund with 1 million euro to stop migration from Africa

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Poland will contribute EUR 1 million to a trust fund which is to be provided by EU members for African countries in an attempt to halt migration to the EU.

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The decision was made at the EU summit in Valetta, Malta, by representatives of over 60 countries, with the money to come from the EU's collective budget.

The bloc's 28 member states have been asked to match it with contributions of their own. The European Commission will earmark EUR 1 .8 billion for the trust, the Netherlands and Italy will contribute the most, EUR 15 million and EUR 10 million respectively.

Croatia, Cyprus and Greece will not contribute to the trust fund. Poland offered EUR 1 million.

According to Poland's outgoing deputy FM, Katarzyna Kacperczyk, the funds are to be spent on four key areas.

"They are to be spent, first and foremost, on immediate actions concerning the current situation and restoring safety of the citizens as well as security and proper management of the border traffic.

"We would also like to focus on long-term actions, e.g. the creation of proper economic conditions to foster growth as well as new work places; or reintegration of refugees in their countries of origin.

"They also include projects which would connect countries where refugees come from with transit countries."

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