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Poland wants Brussels to talk Nord Stream 2 with Moscow

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Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has appealed to Brussels to talk with Moscow about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which is to supply Germany with gas from Russia via the Baltic Sea.

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Speaking on day one of a two-day European Union summit in Brussels, Szydło said the investment was a threat to Central and Eastern Europe's energy independence and energy security.

She also said she hoped the European Commission would get the green light to talk with Russia about its objections to the pipeline.

European Commision chief Jean-Claude Juncker acknowledged that the bloc was divided on the issue but said it would seek European Union members' support for negotiations with Russia.

The commission, Poland and a number of other countries are concerned about energy dependence on Russia, but Berlin has said Brussels should not get involved.

A number of companies from European Union countries are involved in the pipeline which is expected to run parallel to the existing Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing Poland and the Baltic States as well as Ukraine.

Once opened, it will pump up to 55 billion cubic litres of gas to Germany.

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