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Politician fears China will allow Facebook and use it against Taiwan

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Taiwanese should prepare for the likelihood of China resorting to Facebook to launch "united-front" propaganda campaigns, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member said.

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A meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Seattle last week could lead to the unblocking of the Web site in China, DPP Department of International Affairs director James Huang said during an interview with Hit FM radio.

“Xi spent nearly half of his state visit to the US in Seattle, where he met almost every American business magnate in the high-tech and Internet industries, including Zuckerberg."

Huang said from his understanding, the meeting suggested that Facebook would most likely be allowed to re-enter China in the near future, following a 2009 ban due to its alleged role in a series of riots in Xinjiang.

“So people should not be too surprised when China starts using Facebook as its platform for ‘united-front’ campaigns targeting Taiwanese,” Huang said, urging the government to draw up a set of strategies to deal with social media Web sites being used in the cross-strait arena.

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