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Push to embed climate change preparation in Pacific

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The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, or SPREP, says climate change adaptation and disaster preparation needs to be incorporated into national development planning.

SPREP'S climate change adaptation advisor said training being held this week in Fiji aimed to improve planning and decision making to boost resilience.

Filomena Nelson said skills such as cost benefit analysis were being taught so that limited resources can be spent wisely and with a long term view in mind.

"Adaptation has to be done as part of development planning as well.

"Because that's the push now in the region is to integrate climate change and disaster risk in their national development planning so that it's embedded. It becomes part of the day-to-day business. So it's not just about preparing for one cyclone season.

Filomena Nelson said there would be ongoing support and technical assistance to the countries attending the workshop as they worked to reduce their vulnerablity to climate change in practical ways.

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