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Putin: Gazprom offers Ukraine same gas terms as to Yanukovych

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Gazprom has offered Ukraine the same gas contract terms as to Yanukovych, including the discount conditions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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"Gazprom has offered the Ukrainian partners the same terms that the government of Viktor Yanukovych had: a discount for the contract price amounting to $100, and the final price of $385 per a thousand cubic meters," Mr. Putin said at a consultation meeting with the members of the government.

According to Mr. Putin, Kiev's demands for lower gas price in exchange for consent to pay deliberately stalemates the situation. He has also instructed the government to develop an option of freezing the terms of gas supplies to Ukraine for a certain period.

"I would like to ask the government and the head of the cabinet to think on how it could be possible at the level of the government of the Russian Federation or upon agreement with the government of Ukraine freeze these terms and make them absolutely guaranteed and free from changes for a certain period," Mr. Putin told the ministers.

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