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Reducing of gas consumption is key for Ukrainian energy

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The establishment of a single market price for gas and cutting of gas consumption is the path towards full energy independence of Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko announced.

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"In fact, Ukraine should have transferred to market based gas prices during the past 10 years at least. If it had been so, the rate of growth of energy prices and the rate of growth of living standards would be the same.

"But these 10 years of unrestrained populism have passed and we have reached the zero hour, when we urgently need to make a choice – whether Ukraine will be truly independent, including energy independent, first of all from Russia," he said.

According to Pavlo Rozenko, due to first steps taken by the Government last year, including an increase in gas price, Ukraine has managed to do without Russian gas during the heating season.

"We have managed to avoid this winter the purchasing of Russian gas, purchasing gas from the aggressor country, the invader. Today we must pay our price for the real independence of Ukraine", stressed the Vice Prime Minister.

Pavlo Rozenko highlighted that given the situation and tendencies in the gas market, the gas price won’t abate, so we should seek a cheaper alternative and scale down gas consumption.

"It is vital for Ukraine to dramatically reduce gas consumption. Reducing gas consumption is the way to energy independence of Ukraine", he said, adding that residents of rural areas should think about gradual transition from gas consumption to other sources.

Moreover, the Vice Prime Minister noted that the establishment of a single market based price for blue fuel had been necessary, as two different prices in practice provided large chances for speculation, manipulation and corruption schemes on the part of gas traders.

"Two prices existed as a temporary solution. The introduction of a single price - it was a difficult step, but vital. Ukraine has made it and in the future we do not foresee any sharp gas market fluctuations", summed up Pavlo Rozenko.

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