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Refugees refuse to stay in Croatia, says minister

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Croatian Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic said that the country is supposed to take in 1,563 refugees but the problem is that the people don't want to come to Croatia.

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Minister Orepic, in an interview for Deutsche Welle, said: "Croatia supports the common European security policy, and we work very well with the EU authorities like the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex. We guard the EU's external border, and we do so very successfully.

"At the same time, we also fulfill our obligations when it comes to taking in refugees. We are supposed to take in 1,563 refugees. The problem, though, is that the people don't want to come to Croatia.

"So far we have taken in 19 people on the basis of the agreement, and we're in the process of fetching 30 refugees from Greece and 20 from Italy. We would be happy to fulfill the entire quota, but we aren't able to do so: They want to travel on. For them, Croatia is just a transit country."

Answering on the conditions at the central refugee center near Zagreb, he said: "The people housed in the Porin refugee center have better conditions than in 90 percent of the schools in Croatia.

The rooms are better equipped than most of the student hostels in the country. We, and the EU, are endeavoring to match the standard to the living standard of people in the country - but many Croatian citizens live in worse conditions than migrants. The allegation is false."

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