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Revitalised rail passenger traffic between Hungary and Slovakia

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“The Hungarian Government is striving to revitalise small-scale rail passenger traffic between Hungary and Slovakia”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Parliamentary State Secretary announced.

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He said that in Nagymegyer, at the 7th Local Government Free University for Hungarian mayors and members of parliament in Upper Hungary.

“The two countries are currently connected by six pairs of railway lines that are suitable for small-scale rail passenger traffic, but none of them are open to traffic. Negotiations are underway with officials from the Slovakian Government to change this state of affairs”, Levente Magyar told those present.

One of the most important transport links between Hungary and Slovakia will be the construction of the Danube Bridge at Komárom/Komárno, the State Secretary said.

Mr. Magyar pointed out that the Hungarian-Slovakian border is one of the longest in the European Union, but also one of the least accessible.

“During the two terms of the Orbán government, the number of border crossing stations has increased by a third, with 34 border crossing pints currently in operation”, adding that within a few years Budapest, Košice and Bratislava will be linked by motorway.

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