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Romania to give 14.6m euros for fruit in schools

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The Romanian Government approved a programme devised to encourage the consumption of fresh fruit in schools, with a budget of 14.6 million Euro.

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Of that sum 7.16 million will be funded by the EU. 1.76 million children in both public and private schools will benefit from the initiative.

The programme will regulate the periods and frequency of the fruit's distribution, the daily value/student limit and the funds necessary for the distribution of fruit and accompanying measures.

"For the school year 2014-2015, the daily limit of 0.37 lei/child has been maintained, but the free distribution period has been extended to 86 days; one more than in the 2013-2014 school year," said the Ministry of Agriculture in a press statement.

Since the entry into force of this decision by the government, county councils and the General Council of Bucharest can start organising tender procedures for the programme's implementation.

The programme may also be complemented with the organisation of theme days devoted to fruit and vegetables and/or practical educational activities.

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