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Rousseff criticizes Bolsonaro for blow against Brazilian companies

Christian Fernsby |
Former President Dilma Rousseff criticized this Wednesday the Bolosnaro government after Economy Minister Paulo Guedes stresses the opening of a market for foreign companies, to the detriment of local companies.

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'Bolsonaro deals another blow to national companies. The destruction policy of the sector deepens with the opening of the market to foreign companies, announced by the Minister of Economy in Switzerland,' Rousseff posted on Facebook.

She refers that this news from Guedes 'is the bad omen for the dismantling encouraged by (anti-corruption operation) Lava Jato in national engineering.'

Worse, he adds, 'the government is giving up having a public procurement policy that takes Brazilians into account. Competition can strangle several business sectors.'

In Davos, Switzerland, Guedes said the country 'has to know what it wants.' 'Do you want to have the best practices, receive the largest investment flows and integrate into global business chains? Or do we want to continue being 200 million packages that serve six contractors and six banks?,' she stressed.

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