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Russia announces ban on list of Ukrainian products

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, signed a decree today banning the import of a determined amount of Ukrainian products, amid a rise in the conflict between both countries.

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The decision refers to a list of products, both those manufactured in Ukraine as some circulating in the neighboring country destined to Russia, affirms the official document.

Such measures respond to successive llimitations imposed by Kiev to Russian products over recent times, including 18 items of agroindustrial production, chemical products, cement and others.

Moscow indicates the prohibition will be enacted until Kiev does not decide to suspend its sanctions against Russia.

Recently, Russia announced a package of counter measures which extended to 200 the number of enterprises and Ukrainian personalities subjected to restricrtions including the freezing of bank accounts and other similar punishments.

Russia and Ukraine keep a severe dispute, above all, after the Kiev coup d'état, in February 2014, when the right came into power, supported by neo-fascist paramilitary.

Moscow supported the results of a sovereignty referendum in Crimea and its later return to Russian jurisdiction, supported by an overwhelming majority and the cause of the popular uprising in the coal mining region of Donbass.

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