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Russia approves bill on fines for personal data leaks

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The Federation Council has approved a bill tightening penalties for violation of rules on storage and processing of personal data, according to the statement of Russia’s upper house of parliament.

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The bill submitted by Russian Government was adopted by the State Duma on January 27.

Currently, maximum amount of fine for violating personal data regulations is estimated at 10,000 rubles ($166). Acceleration of information and communication technology corresponds with increased number of violations of personal data legislation which is the reason for a new bill.

Authors of the bill propose to differentiate administrative violations in this sphere according to damage caused by a transgression.

In addition, the bill toughens punishment for such violations by increasing administrative fines. Maximum fine for a person will reach as high as 5,000 rubles ($83); 20,000 rubles ($333) for officials and individual entrepreneurs and 75,000 rubles ($1,250) for legal entities.

The legislation is to take effect on July 2017.

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