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Russia, Bolivia sign nuclear research center agreement

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Russia and Bolivia have signed an agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and cooperation in building a nuclear research and technology center.

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"We are grateful to the Republic of Bolivia, President Evo Morales, for having chosen us and Russian technologies for the construction of a first of its kind center in Bolivia," Russian nuclear chief Sergei Kirienko said at the signing ceremony.

Accompanied by Morales and Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy Luis Alberto Sanchez, Kirienko vowed to establish the "best and most advanced nuclear research center in Latin America and the world" in El Alto, the city adjacent to La Paz.

The center is expected to be equipped with a multi-purpose experimental gamma-ray unit, an installation on the basis of a 200-kilowatt pressurized water reactor, a cyclotron particle accelerator and a system of engineering and scientific laboratories.

Russia's Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering will serve as the center’s developer

Morales allocated $300 million on the project for the South American country to pursue nuclear research in medical, agricultural, geological and other fields.

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