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Russia: Foreign internet companies to store data here

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Russian lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require foreign internet companies to store personal information about their Russian users on computer servers inside the country.

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Online companies would have until September, 2016, when the bill is supposed to take effect, to meet the requirement, according to the draft legislation submitted submitted Communist lawmaker Alexander Yushchenko, and Liberal Democrats Andrei Lugovoi and Vadim Dengin. Websites that fail to meet the requirement could be blocked in Russia, said the bill, which was published on the Duma website.

"Data about Russian citizens, their electronic mails, information that we enter when registering on various websites and social networks are in many cases stored abroad," Mr. Dengin told Izvestia.

"Those data can be used against the country as well as against a specific individual. We want large Internet corporations - search engines, mail services, social networks and so on - to store information about Russians in data centers on the territory of our country."

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