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Russia may end supplies of rocket engines to U.S.

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Russia will suspend supplies of rocket engines to the United States in case if a relevant decision is taken by the country’s leadership, but such decision has not been made yet, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told the RBC broadcaster.

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"But can we, say, just stop? We can. But we need to weigh the pros and cons and distinguish pure politics that makes one shoot oneself in the foot from economic pragmatism," Sputnik cited Rogozin as saying.

Last week, the heads of the factions in the Russian State Duma, parliament's lower house, together with speaker Vyacheslav Volodin introduced a draft law on the potential response to US sanctions and anti-Russian policies.

The document stipulates a ban on imports of U.S. agricultural, alcoholic, tobacco products and medical drugs.

It also implies the suspension of cooperation between Russia and the United States in nuclear energy, aircraft manufacturing and supplies of rocket engines.

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