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Russia may give new discount in gas prices for Turkey

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Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has said the discount for Russian gas for Turkey may increase more than 6 percent in the future, depending on market prices and the realization of joint gas projects, RIA Novosti has reported.

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Novak noted that Turkey had been asking for a discount of 15 percent for gas.

Russia and Turkey reached an agreement on construction of a gas pipeline under the Black Sea during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Ankara on December 1.

The 6 percent gas price discount granted by Russia to Turkey is not final, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Y?ld?z said after its announcement, adding that price negotiations are continuing after Ankara submitted a counter bid seeking a deeper cut.

“We find the Russia’s move positive, but our counter proposal is still being negotiated. We are asking for more of a gas discount from Russia,” Y?ld?z said at a news conference on December 2.

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